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5 weeks waiting for Sky phone line and been told probelm with BT

Hi, I am VERY fustrated as I can't find any answers or anyone to talk to about my problem. I am a Sky customer who moved house 5 weeks ago and have been told that BT will take 2 weeks to disconnect me from previous house and 2 weeks to reconnect to the new one. Yesterday I was suppose to have everything back, phone line and broadband, but this morning still nothing. I phoned Sky this morning who told me that BT had a problem and didn't connect us and they need 48hrs to contact them to find out what is the problem... knowing that Monday the 30th is a bank holiday.... When will it stop? How long will I have to wait for? I have been trying to find a phone number to call Openreach but it is impossible, I just want to know what is wrong with my phone line and when will it be fixed? I am getting soooo upset.

I am a childminder and need a phone line to contact parents, also my mum who lives in France as a cancer and I need to call her regurlaly to know how she is can't call me on my mobile, it cost a fortune! So please, can anyone help me here?


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Re: 5 weeks waiting for Sky phone line and been told probelm with BT

You have wasted your time posting on here, when Sky says ‘BT’ what they actually mean is Openreach.


Openreach maintain the telephone network on behalf of ALL service providers, including Sky and BT RETAIL.


BT Retail, which this web site is for has no control or authority over Openreach, especially when it comes to provisions or faults for other service providers such as Sky. Therefore if there are problems with the installation then your service provider Sky needs to deal directly with Openreach themselves.

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Re: 5 weeks waiting for Sky phone line and been told probelm with BT

As icarus 5000 has said the only people that can do any thing is SKY they are your provider this is a site for bt retail customers not those from other providers i am sorry no one here is really able to help you and Openreach only deal directly with the communication providers BT SKY etc so you need to contact sky and chase them
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