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500Gb FUP rumours - false...

I've seen a few mentions on here of people being told the FUP was 500Gb.


I contacted @BT_Infinity this morning and after checking they came back to me and confirmed it was still 300 Gb 😞


If anyone has info to the contrary I'd be interested, but if not it looks like it is still on 300..


Whilst I'm still hitting around 160-170 pcm I have used 250 one month recently -- whilst this is still within the limit, it's getting close and I worry

 - that if I go over the limit the effect is painful (since much usage is peak ie TV streaming including HD) [rather than a softer approach until end/month or ability to pay more to unlock]

 - that our usage may increase esp. over a 18m contract (rather than 12m)


It would actually be useful to allow additional user managed throttling controls in the home router, per endpoint (ie qos/router rules) to prevent kids taking all the bandwidth/quota etc


So infinity returns back from the definately ordering to still considering 😞

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Re: 500Gb FUP rumours - false...

I have not seen any threads relating to the 500GB limit you mention, but fully aware of the 300GB limit.


Although I am on lowly 1Mb download speed I keep well within my 40GB download limit and never use more than half.


For the life of me I cannot understand how users can use over 300GB of data in 30 days. We have 3 Xbox's, 2 PC's, Laptop, Blu Ray, iTouch and Wii and still manage to keep within our useage.


If and when Infinity lands where we are and I upgrade, I would still operate well withing the allowance. I would never stream download HD as it would still be heavily compressed as compared to Blu Ray, so would see no point in doing it, and from what I have seen in action from Sky Player and Zune the quality of SD is very good.


Just because you can get lightening speeds does not give you the right for more allowance, responsible downloading is the key here, and that is what I instill into my two son's. Otherwise I slap a heafty bill their way for any downloads that go over the allowance.
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Re: 500Gb FUP rumours - false...

Hi All


Yep spot on planetf1 🙂


This has certainly not changed and remains at 300Gb.





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