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55 years a customer means nothing no help when needed

My father is moving house he is 88 years old I cannot get his phone installed until ten days after he moves in which means he will have no phone during this period. The house he is moving to has a bt box in the living room and the bedroom but we have been told this will still cost him £130 to have the phone put in. Phoned on numerous occasions to no avail, could not care less attitude and sometimes a language problem. Always told no chance of earlier date no circumstances taken into consideration it is very frustrating feels like I am banging my head off of a brick wall, never a supervisor or manager available to talk to or so I am told and when a manager was to phone me back quess what, it did not happen!! Dreadful service would move but for the fact I need to keep my dads same number which he knows, anyone got any ideas? Thanks
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Re: 55 years a customer means nothing no help when needed

BT will normally reduce the connection charge if you agree to an 18 month contract. The charge is levied by Openreach to ALL service providers. Its up to the service provider, how much of that charge they pass onto the customer.


Did you look on their website, it says

Getting connected

Most customers get connection at no extra cost.

Some customers may have to pay a connection fee of £40 (online special offer, normally £130) but we'll let you know once you start your order and add the special offer automatically.

£40 Online Connection Special Offer important information:

  • It's an 18 month contract
  • You need to make at least 10 calls per months to avoid a £5.15 monthly charge
  • You can't get 3 months free on Unlimited Anytime Calls in conjunction with the Online Connection Special Offer


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