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Re: 553 error still can not send email

@dazbon wrote:
Been using one the whole time & it is an email issue not VPN issue so let us hope the solution is not to turn off VPN to send an email....

Good morning @dazbon,

I am sorry to read that you are unable to send email via BT webmail.   @licquorice could be right, it may well be your use of a VPN that is causing your problems.

The reason this may be the case is that the IP address that your VPN assigns your session may be flagged or on a blocklist due to spam or malicious use.  This can sometimes happen with some VPN's.  

Would you mind turning off your VPN and then trying to send an email again, this should give us a good indication where the problem may lie.  If you still get the same error message please post back here and we can offer further support.



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Re: 553 error still can not send email

Yes I did try in the past & then seem to rectify on it's own. Now it is back & does however defeat the object of a VPN. As far as reply from previous "sage" yes but not very helpful reply (sarcasm included) & we are not all imbecile's.

Just using work around using outlook instead of going direct via Chrome with VPN active. No problems with that so will continue that way for now, but thank you for trying to help.

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