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5G provisioning on SIMO

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Currently have 2-off SIMs on a BT Family SIM deal which is outside its 12 month minimum term. I deliberately avoided renewing as I knew the new 5G iphone was coming.

So I think I understand that I will not get 5G if I just transfer my current SIM to the new phone when I get it.

In order to get provisioned with 5G do I just need to recontract with any new plan via My BT? Is there anything else that I need to do (e.g. do I need to wait until the SIM is in the new phone before changing plan?). Do I even need to speak to anyone or can I just do it online?

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5g No longer available

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Just read that new customers are no longer  able to get 5g on BT mobile. 
I’m  a 4g customer am I no longer able to get 5g on BT

if not does anyone know what discounts will be offered for BT broadband customers to take up EE contract. 
I have read these are being trialled 

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Re: 5g No longer available

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BT SIM only customers get access to 5G (New and upgrading customers).

BT Mobile are no longer doing ‘handset plans’ with 5G which is why they’ve all been pulled from the website. You need to call CS and they can set you up with an EE contract that comes with a handset if that’s what you require. 

There’s currently a trail taking place to add a £5 discount to EE accounts when a customer has Halo/Broadband however it is not ready.

When I spoke to CS they offered me a 20% discount on a SIM only with EE. Didn’t make sense for me to move as the EE line was still £5 more than I currently pay BT even with the discount.

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Re: 5G provisioning on SIMO

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All of the sim plans are now 4g and 5g enabled, however i don't think your current plan will be given its at least a year old. You can renew to a new plan and this will include 5g, so long as your sim is in a compatible handset.

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5G Mobile

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I have a bt sim only family plan with 3 sims. When I get my 5g mobile, do I get 5g or not?

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Re: 5g No longer available

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I wasn’t offered an upgrade, I was offered 20% discount on an EE contract not £5 discount. The agent said there is uncertainty over BT moving forward to offer 5G. 
EE contracts are more expensive than BT. 
it just seems strange how BT are not offering 5G anymore. I think I’ll just stick to 4G for now until 5G is available more widely.
Slightly disappointed as have been very happy with BT, is this a sign that they are not going to move there service with the times and move customers to EE to make more money?

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Re: 5G Mobile

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Depends if you took out your contact before September 5th or not. If you took it out before you will not have access to 5G and will need to regrade your lines to get access (move up or down). If you took it out afterwards then you should have access to 5G.

The previous contributor has posted an article that’s misleading. 

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Re: 5G Mobile

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if you think article is misleading then you should complain to ISP review for misleading information

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Re: 5G Mobile

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BT removed 5G handset / handset plans but any customer who signs up during/after September is automatically 5G enabled.

Anyone who took a line before September is on a 4G only tariff. You can’t remain on the same tariff and ‘upgrade’ to 5G as it won’t provision the change.

Finally any customer on a 5G tariff already remains as is.

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