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5g display on iphone 12

open question to anyone who is currently using 5g on an iPhone 12, does the network indicator in the top right actually switch to 5g? 

Where I live we do not have 5g and if I do a speed test I get about 60 Mbps down stream, however if I travel  a short distance  (to a location which according to the BT coverage checker has a strong 5g signal) my phone still shows the connection to be 4g, however  the download speed is over 200Mbps which suggests it is a 5g connection but the phone says it is a 4g connection. 

just want to see if anyone else has this and if the issue lies with the phone or BT?

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Re: 5g display on iphone 12

The iPhone decides if it uses 5 or 4G, It's probable that the 4G signal was stronger than the 5G where you were. Sometime my iPhone 12 picks up 5G where I live but the 4G signal is twice as fast. 5G is over rated at the moment.

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