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6 Weeks and no connection date can be provided!

I placed an order on 12th Feb as we were moving house (new build). We were given an installation date of 4th March - not ideal but we're told that was the earliest the engineers could connect us. This was then changed to 10th March - additional cabling work required apparently. In the meantime we had spoken to the site developer who told us all the ducting was complete and he couldn't understand what the issue was.
Phone call from BT on 10th - engineeres now couldn't give us an update until 18th - further survey and work required. On the 18th we were told that in fact all work would definitely be completed by 21st March (I have an email from BT to confirm this) and we would then have an update on the 23rd as to when we will be connected. On the23rd we were then told no update until the 25th. Guess what, on the 25th we have now been told no update until the 1st April!
We are being constantly fobbed off with dates moving further and further out. All I want is a definitive date - please can someone help. I've tried customer care, Twitter etc with no resolution in sight. I am starting to lose the will to live....
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Re: 6 Weeks and no connection date can be provided!

BT do not provide or maintain the external network. This is done by Openreach who work for all service providers. BT do not get any special treatment.

Problems with the infrastructure on new build sites are very common, and can take ages to sort out. There is not much you can do about it, apart from wait.

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