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6030 VC019 Error

So, after having no real issues watching BT Sport via my PC till now, today I get:




Win 8.1, Chrome, cleared cache, unstalled Silverlight, used CC Cleaner, re-boot, re-install Silverlight and still the same issue.


(Same error with a never previously used IE - so not a browser specific issue)


BT help desk is totally useless and clueless...


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Re: 6030 VC019 Error

You will need to uninstall the silverlight first. Then download and install the Silverlight 5.0.61118 (the link is given below)
Open BT Sport and login. I would recommend firefox. For the first time you might get a screen with a red minus(-) on the player, so click on the red minus and a pop up will appear with options "Allow" and "Allow and remember" click on "allow and remember" that'd done for the fire fox.

Now on google chrome when you login to BT Sport you might see an options at the top "update the plugins" and "Run this Time" so click on "run this time".

Important note for both browser is do not update the silverlight.

here is the link for the silver light 5.0.61118-

Thanks & Regards.
Jai P Mandal △
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Re: 6030 VC019 Error

Sorry, already tried that one, and then I get:




Whilst I appreciate the advice, it is not accpetable for a company such as BT to expect all customers to have to do this step - why they can't just use flash as an option is beyond me. The BBC seem to manage well enough.


Really fed-up...

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Re: 6030 VC019 Error

Hi Saeran.

Have you by any chance found a solution to this problem yet?

I've been struggling with the same for months now.

Have tried all the suggested Silverlight Uninstalls, reg fixes, browser brands and versions, cache clears etc etc on numerous forums.

I'm a senior IT systems engineer in the business for 15 years so certainly know my way around Windows OS and def not missing something due to user error.

BT support could not help me over the phone either....

Rather sad state of affairs!




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