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7 months of pain and limited service-- is that how customer loyalty is rewarded?

Me and family have been loyal customers for over 30 years, ever since I emigrated to the UK I have always believed in your brand and the values that are associated with it. However today I am writing to you as a disappointed, distressed and unsatisfied customer who is considering his options to leave the services you provide.


Currently with you I have my landline (which is paid upfront), broadband package, paid for a brand new router last year in July, BT sports subscription and two mobile phones for me and my wife. I would like to assume that demonstrates my loyalty to your organisation and how much I believe in your products.


Last year in July I renewed my contract again with yourselves (you can see this on your system). At the time I did raise my concerns around the service levels of your broadband and you agreed to send out an engineer to resolve this for me. I was also told about your new router and the benefits it would provide for me and my family when using your broadband. I paid the fee involved and it was installed by your engineer upon his visit to my home.


The engineer seemed like a nice guy and told us with the new router once it was connected all our problems would be resolved. It seemed to be positioned as the miracle cure which we unfortunately believed in. Ever since the installation we have incurred nothing but problems. The broadband continues to cut out when the landline rings and the internet itself is a service which has a mind of its own around its availability.


I have exchanged calls with your team and have been given the following reasons:


New router takes time to settle
Service issue in my area
All tests seem fine
Promise of a call back which I am still waiting on to this day.


Last week was the final straw for me and I personally had a very upsetting experience. It was my granddaughters birthday and she lives away from me. I rely on your internet to be able to use FaceTime and communicate with her. I was unable to see her through FaceTime on the day of her birthday and this was a very distressing situation for me and my wife. I am a heart patient and have had a quadruple bypass in 2011 and this episode made me feel as low as that dark period in my life.

I decided enough was enough and called your offices on a Sunday and spoke to an advisor called Steven. Upon answering the call I explained to a Steven I was not happy with BT however it was nothing personal against him but he was the face of BT that I was talking to on the day.


Initially what seemed like a pleasant conversation quickly turned aggressive and very confrontational where I personally felt intimidated on the call. Steven was very rude and continued to speak over me and made reference to the fact "I would be wasting my time". I explained to Steven I was not an expert on your technical terms and if I wanted to ask questions for my own understanding then that was my choice and I did not feel that was time being wasted.

Steven then wanted me to carry out some checks on the phone socket. I did state I was not comfortable doing this and I did not want to deal with electrics. Steven told me it was nothing electrical, I explained to a Steven the socket was near my electrics board and I was actually on my knees. Steven then requested if I would unscrew my socket by taking the screws out. I was mortified at his request and told him this is not something I would be doing as I have had a bad experience in the past with electrics.


I am a 66 year old retired pensioner and pay BT to provide me with a service I require. This treatment of me was humiliating and I felt degraded. I did make Steven aware I would let my feelings be known to your board. Steven managed to arrange a visit for today and seemed very keen on reminding me if it was my fault I would be charged £129.99 and did I still wish to proceed.

Your engineer has been out today who was a lovely young man called Pete and has confirmed the following:


S and R setting was incorrect was running too high
Replaced socket from a July as it was not correct
Replaced the cable that should have been done by previous engineer
We have a faulty hub which keeps dropping out as he has tested this with his own equipment


I am actually now writing this email very concerned and upset with the issues Pete has highlighted. It seems I have been led down the garden path by BT for my loyalty and have been provided with a limited service since July last year.

This is a disgusting level of service and makes me and my family question the integrity of your brand. I have also copied in my local MP Andrew Mitchell as within my area we still do not seem to have your infinity service available which again is concerning.


I am waiting for your prompt response and how you plan to put this right for me and my family. BT you are better than this and in a market where completion is running at an all time high this is not the way to treat your most loyal customers. We made you the brand that you are and without loyalty you would not be in the position you are in today.


I have also been sent a link to this article by a friend of mine that I would bring your attention too.


Kind regards

Mr Singh

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Poor evening connection EVERY EVENING

I have asked a moderator to provide assistance, they will post an invite on this thread.
They are the only BT employees on this forum, and are based in the UK.

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Re: A month has passed since our 'Major fault in the line' was reported. NOT FIXED YET?! (0.06mbps)

Hi @SinghS,


I'm sorry to hear about the problems you have had with your service. I'll be able to help you with your complaint. Please can you send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile?





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