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700 minute calling plan

I would appreciate the advice of someone less confused than I am.  At present I have a calling plan that allows no cost calls up to 60 minutes 24/7 --  I believe that it is called "Unlimited Anytime Calls" and costs £8.09 per month.  As  understand it this is being replaced on 1st September at an extra cost of £4.50 per month.

As I use the landline for an average of 300 minutes per month am I not better to opt for the 700 minute calling plan to receive the same service that i get at present but at a lower monthly cost of £7 thereby saving me £1.09 per month ?

thank you.

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Re: 700 minute calling plan

makes sense to me  phone options team and change 0800800030

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Re: 700 minute calling plan

It has made me a bit confused but if you will use second plan it will cause u saving of more 

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