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Re: 75mb to 3mb... Just installed and its pants!

@stjp I tried that Zen link you mentioned. There are 3 planned maintenance showing for the first 4 digits of my phone number. And there was a fault and maintenance last night. There could be something in that.


I have been talking to BT Care on twitter and they got me to fill out a form so hopefully they can get to the bottom of it 🙂


For reference to other readers my postcode is E6 and exchange is Upton Park.




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Re: 75mb to 3mb... Just installed and its pants!



Called BT and they have determined a network fault and my reference number is VOL0514436621429709 (for what its worth lol)




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Re: 75mb to 3mb... Just installed and its pants!

BT has also identified a 'network fault' for me and is taking the necessary steps, though this thread suggests that there's more than a one-off problem here. 


I'm in N22, Bowes Park exchange. I wasn't home last night, so I don't know if there was the same temporary loss of service that others experienced prior to the slow-down.

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Re: 75mb to 3mb... Just installed and its pants!

@Adlopa Well that's good, in a way, as it explains my problem too. But BT have just told me "There are no issues..." 😕


Seems they still can't get their act together as it seems to depend on who you talk to....

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Re: 75mb to 3mb...

I'm in Beckton, E6, my local exchange is in Albert Dock.


Last night, my connected was tested at 50mpbs, and since this morning I've been getting about 3-5mbps.


I blame the Olympics! 😛

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Re: 75mb to 3mb...

I'm out of your area guys - postcode ME12. I normally get 18mb D/L (Don't ask - I'm at war with BT over it) and 6.5 u/l. At around 11pm last night I lost my connection (along with 9000 points on BF3) . I checked this morning and it was back on, I ran a speedtest only to be getting a max of 3mb - mainly 1-2mb. I called BT and it was instantly recognised and an automated message was played stating that the issue had now been resolved!


I logged a fault call:


1 - For the massive drop in speed since the outage


2 - Why am I only getting 18mb d/l when BT were telling me I'd get around 34.7. Could be distance to cab but BT should know this when quoting speeds, it's the lowest speed I've seen for someone on Infinity 1/2.


Will update when I get an answer - anyone else from this area ?

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Re: 75mb to 3mb...

Just phoned BT - was told it could be a combination of my order not yet having been closed, line stabilisation, and an admission that there were 'problems in my area' at present that' will be addressed shortly'.


They asked that I wait 24 hours and if it was still a problem to phone them again on 0800 111 4567.


Pretty bad luck for my first few hours service I have to say!


For the record I managed to do a speedtest and the results were:


Download: 4.49 Mbps

Download profile: 77.43 Mbps


Upload: 14.17 Mbps

Upload profile: 20 Mbps


So it doesn't look like DLM - it does look like a Network problem, but the nature of it is not being admitted at present......

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Re: 75mb to 3mb...

Yesterday night my broadband went down for 10 minutes or so also. Since this morning (and possibly then but I didn't notice) I now have the following test result:


Download speed achieved during the test was - 4.43 Mbps
For your connection, the acceptable range of speeds is 12 Mbps-38.72 Mbps .
Additional Information: IP Profile for your line is - 38.72 Mbps


Upload speed achieved during the test was - 6.1Mbps
Additional Information: Upstream Rate IP profile on your line is - 10 Mbps


I'm not from the areas reported by the service status page.

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Re: 75mb to 3mb... Just installed and its pants!

Im on the upton park exchange too. my internet disconnected last night to. now my speeds have dropped and i get an error on the bt speedtest website.
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Re: 75mb to 3mb... Just installed and its pants!

same issue here @ albertdock exchange 😞 

there was an outage last night for 30min i guess everyone is having the same issue

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