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A bit stuck on how I should go about this

I'm getting bt infinity next month but I've come across a slight problem.

The bt infinity needs to be connected to the master socket in the front room downstairs however my computer is upstairs, and I deffinetly need a wired connection due to the work that I do. The options I have thought of so far are running a cat6 cable round the house and upstairs or either getting the bt engineer to install a new master socket upstairs in my room which would cost £120 odd, I'm not worried about the other extension sockets not working aslong as I have the best internet in my office room.

What would you guys recommend (power line adapter is a no no) lol

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: A bit stuck on how I should go about this

If you have an extension phone socket upstairs you could get the Openreach engineer to make that your master socket. This should be part of your install and should not cost you anything to have that done.


If that can not be done for what ever reason the best option would be to run Cat 5e or Cat 6 cable. This will give a far better connection than wireless or power line adaptors.

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