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A few questions about infinity

There has been recent activity in my estate with bt vans and what not. In the last month or a bit longer i have seen them feeding cables through the ducting where they lift the whiteish man hole covers. I know they have been laying cables as they had the trailers with them with the big wooden cable wheels on them.
Then last week they started to installed the 5ft green cabs near the normal phone cabs. I have one just round the corner from me which is about 200 metres. I have gone to it but cant here it buzzing or the fans whriling away on it so must not be swicthed on yet.
Now the confusing bit. It did say my exchange would be activated on the 31/03/2011 but got put back to 01/06/2011 and then to the 13/06/2011 which it is now. Info from samknows.
What gets me is i type in my phone number on the checkers and it doesnt come up with any dates or any info as to it being activated or even the exchange getting enabled. But the cabs have been installed now.

There must be some people out there who have infinity know that had noticed when their local cabs got installed and how long the time gap was until they was able to order it.
What i am thinking is because the cabs are now here that the orignal date of the 31/03/2011 may still stand. I might be wrong but i cant see them installing fttc cabs 3 months before the go live date. My local exchange is Bearsted.

Thanks any info is appreciated and may clear my confused head up here
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Re: A few questions about infinity

I dunno how long mine where installed before I was able to order, I do know however that from when I noticed them (never paid attention to FTTC roll out tbh) was about 6 weeks.

Best thing to do is use the wholesale checker every couple of days and see if there is any update.

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Re: A few questions about infinity

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Re: A few questions about infinity

Hi DRawlingson


There was no body of text in your last post. Are you using IE9? I understand that there can be a problem with it when posting to forums.



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