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A few questions from a Virgin Media customer

Greetings everyone

I am currently a Virgin Media customer but considering switching to Infinity as VMs service continues to degrade and I think it's about time to jump this sinking ship. I have some questions if that is okay;



-From a casual glance at this forum it seems that most people aren't having extreme packet lost, random disconnects, no service for days, unhelpful call center staff outsourced from other countries, poorly designed modems, lies about when services will be fixed, etc etc that we experience on VM. Is this an accurate conclusion, or are there many of the same problems on BT too?


-With VM I just have the internet; no phone or tv package. I have no need to call anyone and absolutely no use for a phone. Can I get a similar package with BT, or do I have to take and pay a phone package on top on the internet?


-I'm a rather heavy downloader, ~40GB a day usually. Is Infinitys "unlimited" downloads truly unlimited like VMs are, or are there hidden "fair usage" clauses?


-Does BT Infinity employ traffic management and bandwidth caps, and if so what are the thresholds of these?


-Any ex-virgin media customers who can share their experience and offer advice is great too.



Thanks everyone, I hope to be joining you soon

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Re: A few questions from a Virgin Media customer

p2p traffic seems to be limited between around 4pm-12AM, thats all that I have noticed in terms of traffic managerment, there is no download cap on the unlimited options (has downloaded 425gb in a week)

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Re: A few questions from a Virgin Media customer

May I ask, are you with Virgin Media National or Cable?


Seeing as you have no phone line with them?

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Re: A few questions from a Virgin Media customer

No phone line would have to be cable. You can't have VM National without a phone line.

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Re: A few questions from a Virgin Media customer

I've been infinity 2 for about 10days customer service is bad its a right hand left hand thing, they constantly go over the samething and always send an open reach person out to you stating that they will charge if it's the house or other equipment.

Mine hasn't been right from day one but im still told about the charge nothing has change within the first 10mins of open reach fitting it. I'm talking about my personal experience have a butchers through the forum you will find you answers! Fore warned if fore armed!!
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