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A fix for problems when changing to BT - NAS devices

Hi All,


I recently changed from Sky Broadband to BT and had some problems with setup.  The problem was that Sky use an ip address for the router of and BT's is different.  This means that any connected devices that have a fixed ipaddress will not be able to communicate with the router.  There are two fixes for this, one easy and one difficult.  The difficult one is to reset the device (in my case a Synology NAS).  The reason this is more difficult is that any application that run within the NAS will also get a new ipaddress (e.g. Sickbeard etc) and they may all need to be reconfigured to talk to one another again.


The easy way to fix is the Homehub allows you to change the ip address of the router and the range of ip addresses it gives to devices.  To do this, log in to your homehub, go to advanced settings, press continue, then go to home network then ip addresses.  From here you can change the ip address of the router to what your old router was.  You also need to change the range of ip addresses your router gives to devices on the network. Do this by selecting configure manually under the DHCP settings and choosing a range which has the same first 3 parts as the new router address and the limits including any apps and devices that had their own ip address previously. 


You may need to reset things, but then everything should work as normal.


Hope this is of some help to people.

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Re: A fix for problems when changing to BT - NAS devices

I have always used the house number as the third octet e.g. 192.168.12.x mainly to avoid issues with VPNs between sites using the default IP range.

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