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A month waiting for landline fault to be fixed!

Our landline stopped working on July 22nd and we're still waiting for it to be fixed. 6 'Engineer' visits booked and still no phone!

1) 31.7.13 Appointment booked, no one turned up.

2) 5.8.13 Engineer appears, does fault finding and says fault is 5m from front of property, under flowerbed. It's not his job to dig flowerbed!

3) 6.8.13 Engineer appears without telling us and complains he needs access to property.

4) 7.8.13 Engineers appears and repeats 2 above.

5) 14.8.13 Appointment booked, no one turned up.

6) 16.8.13 Appointment booked, no one turned up.

Next available appointment is booked for 23.8.13 - will anyone show up then? Will they be able to actually 'do' anything?


I can't believe BT survive with such a poor level of customer service!

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Re: A month waiting for landline fault to be fixed!

Hi Humbug16,


Thanks for the post and welcome to the forum.  This make grim reading, I am so sorry that you are still without a working phone line.  I would like to look at the notes on the fault to find out what is going on.


Can you please drop me an email and include your BT account details and link to this thread.  Please click on my username and you will find my contact link under the 'About me' section of my profile.  Once I have your details I will find out what is going on and will hopefully be able to answer your question as to when this fault will be fixed.




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Re: A month waiting for landline fault to be fixed!

It took 5 weeks and two days to fix a very similar fault I had.  A lot of the problem seems to be that BT Openreach (the engineers) subcontract their digging and refilling of holes.  You might think that should enable the work to be done speedily but they appear to use a fixed set of contractors and are prepared to wait for as long as it takes until one becomes available.  They do not appear to get any feedback from the contractor except to tell them when the work has been completed.  You won't see any progress until the contractors turn up to dig your hole and I bet nobody knows when that will happen.  I'd be surprised if even SeanD can find that out.    

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