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A suggestion

I'm a newbie here and still trying to find my way round. I've received some excellent help, but there's a way I think the forum's effectiveness could be enhanced.

People post their problems, and usually receive a satisfactory answer, but this part of the process often happens "behind the scenes". I was a member of a forum a long time ago and learned a lot from the answers given, but on here a mod will ask the person with the problem to give their details in private, and the rest of us never see the answer, so we can't learn by it.

I understand the need for privacy, but would it not be possible to explain what was causing the problem and/or how it was resolved? This may not be possible in all cases, but if I come here with a particular problem, it doesn't help me to know someone else had the same problem and the mods were able to help.

At the risk of repeating myself in the interests of clarity, would it not be possible to publish the solution, minus any personal details, of course? That way people could often find the answers themselves without the need to start a new thread every time.

Perhaps I'm missing something, but it's frustrating working through an entire thread only to see "problem solved" at the end with no explanation as to what the solution was.
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Re: A suggestion

That normally happens as the fix for the fault is outside the control of forum members the mods have in some posts given a reply on what the fault was and in most occasions it needed engineer involvement
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Re: A suggestion

Hi @Barney300 and thanks for posting.


I can appreciate where you're coming from but in most cases the problems are account based and aren't wider issues so posting what was done to resolve the problem wouldn't necessarily be of any benefit to the wider community. In cases where there is a wider issue we will of course post updates on the relevant thread.





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