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ADSL +2 Activation Failure

Been with BT for a while.. ordering my upgrade to the above on the 11th.. was told activation would be the 18th and the equipment would arrive the day before... emails came thru confirming this....


on the 18th an email pops thru saying thanks for your order of the 18th   ..activation will be the 25th etc etc


Bit confused  so phoned them up... oh yes ignore that email  ....activation will go ahead  after midnight and the equipment should be with you before 7pm...



so 19th rolls around..nothing.. no activation , no equipment.. back on the phone...


mmmm order appears to have failed.. why ?  no information as to why this is .......


As i say been with BT for  a while and everything has pretty gone to plan..(i even like BT Vision).. but i just find this very confusing..  the order has obvioulsy been on the system and then for some reason it fails but nobody knows why... so a guaranteed activation for the 18th has now tuned into a definite activation for the 25th.. what the hell is going on and why can't someone give me  a reason why an order fails...

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Re: ADSL +2 Activation Failure

quick update...parcelforce just appears my router may have arrived. wasn't expecting that til the 24th March  LOL   confusion reigns

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