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ADSL+2 rollout

hi a few months ago i renewed my contract at the promice of speed upgrade when my exchange was getting upgraded. i checked samknows and today is the upgrade date, i noticed alot of openreach vans and engineers about the last few days and was wandering if ill get my upgrade.


My line attuenation is 32db and noise margin is at around 6-7 db i get a connection of 7.616 kbps at the moment and people have estimated i should get around 12-16 mb connection.


if someone can help me it would be much appreciated thanks

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: ADSL+2 rollout

when the rollout happens then you will get an email from BT.  the upgrade may then happen immediately/days/weeks/months later as the upgrade is rolled out in batches and no way of telling which batch you are in

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Re: ADSL+2 rollout

ahhh ok thats fair enough thank you for the quick reply
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