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ADSL connection noise on line despite 3 filters and new HH2 router

Rural exchange, not unbundled.


ADSL been working OK, if slowly, for years. Suddenly, connection drops after a few mins.

Then reconnects, then drops. It's a non-techy friend who gives up after a week of trying to make sense of BT tech "support" and calls me. I pickup phone, hear a lot of static and crackling, and a hissing sound. Unplug ADSL modem, hissing gone, plugin modem, hear faint squawking sounds and hissing.


We try a new filter. We unplug everything from the other sockets. We unplug the phone. We plug modem and filter straight into master socket Still the hissing and drops. She says she's been explaining this noise to BT for about a week. She says they "do something", and it works fine for about half an hour, then it drops.


So, I phone up and insist that their old home hub is swapped out for a new one. New HH2 arrives, new filters put in, and still the hissing and drops persists.


We phone faults, they say the voice line is OK and to report it to broadband faults. Broadband faults say to replace the filters. WE HAVE DONE! We're on the second router and 4th filter! 


Is it possible that whatever multiplexes/overlays the ADSL signal onto the copper at the exchange could have failed in some way, in the same way that a failed filter lets noise through?


As I'm sure you know, phoning BT support is such an unpleasant and painful process, I don't even think I can bear it myself any more, and this poor woman has phone them 6 times! It wouldn't be so bad if the robots could deviate from a script, or even knew enough basic English to know you don't refer to someone as "Mr/Mrs Firstname".


I'd post the results of the BT Line Speed tester, but the connection never stays up long enough to complete.

Other speed tests show about 110k down, 32k or so up.


So, can anyone suggest anything to get out of this buck-passing game of telephone tennis where the poor woman is getting bounced from ADSL to faults and back forever, and having to start the whole process of fault diagnosis from the start every time?

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Re: ADSL connection noise on line despite 3 filters and new HH2 router

Sounds like your line is earthing.  Or you've got some crosstalk from another line.


Before you contact the mods can you please plug into the test socket if you have one and then post back the result:

NTE5 Type Master Socket .png


Without a doubt I reckon you need some specialist help with this so I would advise you to contact the mods, you can do that by following this link: .  

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Re: ADSL connection noise on line despite 3 filters and new HH2 router

Hi there gouledw.


That's some good advice there, very clearly illustrated, thank you.


However, my original post probably wasn't very clear - when I wrote "we tried the master socket", I mean, we have already tried the test socket. So I'll go ahead and fill in the contact form you wrote about and mark your posr as helpful. 


Thank you again!

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Re: ADSL connection noise on line despite 3 filters and new HH2 router

The description of your sounds seem very similar to what I've just had. I eventually noticed that picking up the phone gave a burst of crackling and then it settled for up to an hour so that when I went back it was not so bad. (i.e. depending on what order you are testing in it may seem that the line is better without the hub but may just be because the line is in that settled period after being off the hook - which meant that things seemed fixed after the first engineers visit.) I usaully found the noise was worst first thing in the morning.


Has your friend tried calling the Quiet Line test (17070 option 2) for any extended period? - it was rare that I didn't get some crackles eventually (but did happen).


I attributed it to a faulty line, did my best to exclude all of my equipment (ran from the test socket, tried a couple of corded handsets) and once I was satisfied it was BTs problem called out an engineer - I reported it solely as a phone fault. Took 2 visits - but eventually got my line pair swapped and now all is settled. Once that happened and the line was stable the mods were able to adjust my profile.



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Re: ADSL connection noise on line despite 3 filters and new HH2 router

And you can report a fault and request the engineers visit online once you're sure the line is at fault. Login to MyBT not the forum's and click on the faults tab. If your friend has reported it already there should be an open fault or just create a new one.
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