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ADSL micro filter quality.

Since the failure of one of my BT-branded ones the other week, I was wondering whether there is a wide range of quality in the plethora of the filter available.

There is a website (ADSL Nation, I believe) that has tested and opened up a number of them to view the internals and comment on their quality. They also claim that their own brand is the best and give them five stars in their assessment system.

I replaced my faulty one with a Logik one from Currys but had ordered a Safecom one from Amazon,before realising that my local store stocked these (stupidly). Is it a matter of these filters either working or not working and none particularly offering advantges over another?

Any comments?

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Re: ADSL micro filter quality.

filters will all have to pass a standard but some will pass the standard just and others with flying colours.  ADSL nation give their own filters 5* maybe they are top class but you never know a fllter is failing until you get problems - they don't last forever.


I gave up filters and fitted a filtered faceplate as I am fortunate to connect direct to my master socket - this was better and solved any potential filter failures

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Re: ADSL micro filter quality.


My experience with ADSL filters is similar to what you have found. They work or they don't.

I have never really found a particular type that fails more than others although many do not have a manufacture shown.


When I have been helping others with BB speed issues many a time I have suggested changing the filter and it has solved the problem, but saying that sometimes there has been no change.

I am sure that there are differences with the quality of the components within the filter, I'm not sure I would spend megga bucks on a type that claims to be "top quality"


It seems to me just "suck it and see"

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Re: ADSL micro filter quality.

I agree with DD. Pretty much the same applies to all of-the-peg components. A natural cynic, I tend to ignore the store advising me that I need a gold-plated, armour-clad, inflation-proof cable and get one online for about 25% of the price. If it goes belly up I shrug my shoulders and replace it with a more expensive one. Can't remember the last time I had to shrug my shoulders.  

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