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ADSL slow speed

Hi i currently use aol on a bt line, we recently had a engineer ou who found a fault on the bt side as the line just went and all you could hear was a echo engineer rectified the fault.


Up until about 3 days ago we were getting around 1mbps then all of a sudden we started getting speeds of around 0.222 mbps then 0.434 mbps then yesterday it was around 800 mbps but today its around 300 mbps.  There has been a lot of bt vans around our area could it be bt as there are a number of new houses being built and a lot are complete.


I thought it may be the computer so i accessed broadband speed check through a laptop and ps3 but it is still the same,we use a wireless router and also only use 1 adsl filter for the phone line and broadband.


We have also noted that when we use our phone there appears that someone puts the phone down at the other end but our line is exclusive to us help would be very much appreciated.

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Re: ADSL slow speed

This forum is for BT retail customer only you will need to contact your ISP for help with your broadband problems sorry we cannot help you further
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Re: ADSL slow speed

Hi guysie,


Unfortunatly we are unable to give support to non BT Retail Customers. You will need to talk to your communication provider.


If your a AOL Customer then please visit:


BT Retail (a communication provider like aol, sky, talktalk, ect..) do not maintain your line and exchange this is done by Openreach (a BTplc Group Company). Openreach and BT Retail are seperate companies.


If you need to contact Openreach this can ONLY be done by contacting your communication provider.


Hope you get it fixed soon,



jac_95 | Help Site | BT Service Status
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