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ADSL2+ enabled but still on ADSL + BT exchange found closer to me



have few questions for experienced users or BT support


1/my forest row exchange is 3.3mil far and there is closer exchange chelwood gate 2.2mil which i believe could have better speed and connection... how do i change it and why i am connecting to bt exchange which is more far anyway?


2/adsl2+ was enabled in forest row exchange but router is connecting still to adsl line. because i have lately unstable line with disconnections to 1mbit which will set ip profile for 3 days at lower speed, i believe if i would switch to adsl2+ at least ip profile would raise asap after good sync. what is truth about it?


my adsl line gave me to this time sync @2.6mbit(usually) so i believe there should be higher sync either from adsl2+ upgrade from upgraded forest row exchange or if i would change closer bt exchange chelwood gate it would be beneficial too not?


3/ also bt speedtester gives me error anytime i try so i believe there might be issue with line (dont know if upgrading forest row exchange to adsl2+ causing this issue)



i am asking here because those people from support dont know anything at all.


thanks guys for input



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Re: ADSL2+ enabled but still on ADSL + BT exchange found closer to me



I don't think you can change to another exchange as your line will need to be rerouted.

Also once an exchange has been upgraded to the BTw 21cn network which allows adsl2+ it can takes days/weeks/months for all lines to be upgraded to the 21cn network as they have to be migrated mannually in batches.

adsl2+ is also more aggressive to any noise on the line.


below is some information which you can provide that can help the community help you.


You will either be on the ADSLMax (upto 8mbps) service or if your exchange has been BTw 21cn upgraded you maybe on the ADSL2/2+ (upto 12/20mbps) service depending on your line quality and length.

However these upto speeds may not be the speeds you will get as ADSL broadband connections are very dependent on the distance from your property to the exchange and the quality of your line. The further away you are from your local exchange the slower your broadband speed will be.

To enable the community to help please can you post the information required as below:

Please see Keith's help guide here: Helping forum members to help you, it will go through some checks that are needed for us to help you.


1a) Is your router/Homehub connected by a BT NTE5 master socket, Adsl Filtered Master Socket or Extension Socket?   Please bear in mind that extension cables and extension sockets can reduce the broadband's performance. If you have an Old LJU master socket then please say.


1b) Have you tried the Test Socket?


2) Can you please run a BT speed test (including IP Profile) (not beta version)[Best done with a wired, Ethernet, connection] If the other link doesn't work you can try (also do further diagnostics)


3) is there any noise on your line. dial 17070 option2 ,called quite line test, from landline phone. should be silent but slight hum normal on cordless phone.


4) please post adsl line statistics 

ADSL Line Statistic Help:


 If you have a BT Home Hub like the one below...





1) Go to or http://bthomehub.home


2) click Settings


3) Click Advanced Settings


4) Click Broadband


5) Click Connection or sometimes called ADSL (see picture Below)




The direct Address is http://bthomehub.home/index.cgi?active_page=9116 (for bthomehub3.A firmware ending in 1.3)



You will need to copy and past all the adsl line statistics ( Including HEC, CRC and FEC errors). You may need to click " More Details"


There are more useful links on Keith's website here: If you have an ADSL connection, please select this link

Don't have a BT Homehub/Voyager? for a netgear router and look for ADSL adsl statistics with information like noise margin and line attenuation, connection speed

• for a belkin router and look for ADSL adsl statistics with information like noise margin and line attenuation, Data Rate


Hope thy helps,


jac_95 | Help Site | BT Service Status
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Re: ADSL2+ enabled but still on ADSL + BT exchange found closer to me

1) No, you can't change to a different exchange.  Openreach wires you to whatever exchange is most convenient for them.


2) ADSL2 may not be better.  It may be even worse.


3) The speedtester doesn't seem to be very reliable on an unreliable or very slow connection.

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