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ADSL2+ on a FTTP connection?



Just posting for a friend as they are at work and had a query.


About 4 months ago they ordered BT Broadband and have a connection speed of about 2.5mbs.  They took the deal out on the understanding that they would be upgraded to fiber in the coming months as rollout was due.


About 1 month ago FTTP was enabled (all overhead telephone lines on the pylons were replaced) (no street cabinets so no FTTC) and BT called to offer their upto 330mbs product, but at an extra monthly cost. When they queried about being upgraded for free they said they have no idea about a free upgrade.


They still connect at upto 2.5mbs, despite being on a FTTP connection.


They called BT today and asked to be switched to ADSL2+ to hopefully get a speed increase, but BT said they would have to pay to upgrade to Fiber instead?


Is that right or should he be able to get a 24mb ADSL2+ service on a FTTP connection? The monthly cost of FTTP is prohibitive, hence hoping to just switch over to ADSL2+ for a speed increase.


I understand there should be no cost to switch from ADSLMax to ADSL2+ ?


Thanks for your help.




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Re: ADSL2+ on a FTTP connection?

if your friend is only connecting at 2.5mb just now on adslmax then a change to adsl2/2+ will make very little difference to the down connection speed but would increase to upstream speed  you may find due to the long line that adsl2 is more aggressive on line noise the conenction may become less stable

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Re: ADSL2+ on a FTTP connection?

Thanks imjolly.


It seems i wrongly thought that now he has a line capable of 330mbs, he should get the full 24mbs adsl2 service no problem...


I assumed it was BT messing him about to try and get him to signup to fiber 🙂



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Re: ADSL2+ on a FTTP connection?

ADSL services are not possible over FTTP
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Re: ADSL2+ on a FTTP connection?

Openreach would install all the infrastructure for fttp and then change customers over from copper to fibre as and when customers place their orders.
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