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APN settings -- definitive version?

Having just ported over from another network I've been trying to get mobile data working on an admittedly elderly HTC One M7, so far without success. There seem to be a variety of APN data for BT Mobile on the internet, some of which clearly originates with EE, but it seems that no two sources entirely agree. BT's own data referenced by a couple of people on this forum unfortunately doesn't work and currently I'm at a loss how to proceed.

Can anyone please point me to a definitive up-to-date version of BT Mobile APN data? I'd be most grateful.   

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Re: APN settings -- definitive version?

Hi @segillum  have you checked out the help page on on how to change APN settings? If not I hope this helps you. 



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Re: APN settings -- definitive version?

Yes I have but those settings don't work at all in this particular handset.

What does seem to work after a fashion are the settings which a tablet I ported from EE to BT Mobile received yesterday. These are clearly EE-derived. 

It seems that there are two different versions of APN setting data out there, one of which is BT Mobile-specific and the other is EE-based. Maybe one or other will work depending on the handset in use. 

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