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ARGHHHH - here comes trouble | Installation Problems



I am absolutely fuming at BT - I initially thought maybe, just maybe, BT would finally pull through for me for once but no - they do not. 


After much confusion and irritation in trying to find the order placed by my company for the lines and broadband to be installed into my property I finally got all the order references this morning. 


I decided I would check on the order and find out where it was at. I was given two references, one for the broadband and one for the phone line. This morning they were both showing as "In Progress" with an engineer install date of 26 July 2012. I decided I would leave it at that after being satisfied with the outcome. 


Due to my serious lack of faith in BT I decided I would check it again at 6pm - where low and behold I found that the order for the Broadband was "Delayed" - not too much surprised but it definitely annoyed me. Alas, the order for the phone line was still "In Progress" with an engineer install date of the 16 July. 


Now as my company has a highly superior Service Level Agreement to BT's I have to get online for that date. It's not optional - I seriously hope that BT will definitely get this order sorted out before the 16th July or it will be cancelled no matter what contractual costs are needed to get out. 


Can someone please advise on this issue? I'm sure someone else on here has gone through the same situation?


Thanks, It's really appreciated.


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Re: ARGHHHH - here comes trouble | Installation Problems

You need to register and post on the business forum here


This forum is only for BT residential customers. Sorry.


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