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Re: Absolute Rubbish Don't Upgrage

Calm down, calm down! Smiley Tongue


I think the OP has a fair point actually.


As everyone has reasonably pointed out the line speed checker shows an estimate and you're not guaranteed to get it. However if BT are going to sign you up to an extended contract then you'd expect to get something for your lock-in and the OP signed up based on the best and only available information he had.


Lets say the line checker said he'd get 80Mbps or 100Mbps would it still be reasonable? At what point isn't it reasonable? To re-use the car analogy it's like being sold a Ferrari and finding out it's got a 950cc engine. And although there is no monetary cost there is a cost in terms of the lock-in.


@kristian99 - clearly you need to wait a few days to be sure the speed doesn't magically increase and if not call BT or contact the mods. I don't think it's unreasonable they should revert you, although I wouldn't want to be the one trying to persuade them. BTW think yourself lucky, I'm stuck on 26Mbps.... Smiley Sad

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Re: Absolute Rubbish Don't Upgrage

cheers for your post mate, I didn't think I was being that unreasonable expecting a speed upgrade when signing up for a speed upgrade

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Re: Absolute Rubbish Don't Upgrage

Ive gone from the full 38 and the full 10 to 42 and 17 (Profile set a 42 and 20)

I expected to get according to the checker 62 and 20...

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Re: Absolute Rubbish Don't Upgrage

Mine has gone from 37.5 and 8.4 to 53.5 and 15.5



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Re: Absolute Rubbish Don't Upgrage

Mine has gone from 37.5/7.5  to  75/16 Smiley Happy

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Re: Absolute Rubbish Don't Upgrage

@LaughingJohn wrote:
To re-use the car analogy it's like being sold a Ferrari and finding out it's got a 950cc engine.

That's a bad analogy, because you would need to already own a ferrari to begin with for it to be correct, so accuratly, it would be:


It's like trading in a car with an estimated top speed of 150 miles an hour, for one that has an estimated top speed of 200 miles an hour, then proceeding to drive up-hill permanently.

Is it the car manufacturers fault that the car can't reach it's advertised 200 miles an hour because you're going up a hill and not along flat ground?, no, so why should it be BT's fault that your line condition and distance from the exchange doesn't allow for speed close to their rough estimation?


If the car manufacturer said "This cars top speed is 200 miles per hour, even uphill" then you would clearly have a reason to be upset but if they simply state the maximum speed the vehicle could theoretically go (under the best conditions, nice flat road with no potholes or roughness), then they're not really lying, the top speed the buyer gets is entirely dependant on the road conditions, just like the top speed of internet is entirely dependant on your connection conditions, distance from exchange , distance from cabinet, condition of copper wiring and so on.


Really though, as i have said in almost every post in this thread, call up and have them adjust your ip profile so a higher one, it may turn out to be fast and stable, it may not, either way it'll retrain to a slower speed on it's own if theres any major issues.

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Re: Absolute Rubbish Don't Upgrage

Lol heres my "upgrade"



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Re: Absolute Rubbish Don't Upgrage

Here's mine - fastest so far (70.4/16)


That BT test is only any use for checking your profile (71.08Mbps) not the actual speed as it's broken. My profile has increased tonight to 72.77Mbps so I might soon go a bit faster still.


Note that BBMax tests are given in kbps which is cheating a bit - you have to divide by 1024 to get true Mbps so my 72129Kbps becomes 70.438Mbps. The others all seem to use Mbps, as they should IMO. BBMax is also a very short test on a relatively small file so it *should* provide the highest speeds, all being well, so it's a good one to try.

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Re: Absolute Rubbish Don't Upgrage

my upgrade had been done, but I didn't realise it until I re-booted the modem


it's exactly double what I was getting on my old 37/8 profile

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Re: Absolute Rubbish Don't Upgrage



I think everyone realisese that the line speed from the BB checker is an estimate and that broadband is a complicated beast, but I think you keep repeating the same message and missing the OP's point.


That point is that there is a cost associated (the lock-in) when upgrading. When you're "paying" extra for something surely it's reasonable to expect something in return? Of course if there was no new contract then there would be no argument!


I think ideally BT should have a process in place for people to revert back to their current old contract if they're not happy. That way, the people getting the faster speeds are happy, and those seeing no increase can just revert back, and they're happy(ish).


Of course it's possible that BT do have that process in place and it's just not readily obvious. Maybe BT should issue some guidance and put it on their website.


I think maybe the thread has got a bit heated because of OPs slightly angry tone at the start, but there are some fair points on both sides, and as you say the OP should phone or email as posting here won't resolve anything (apart from letting of steam and letting us argue about it).


P.S Sorry, I can't really be bothered to argue about the Ferrari and hills 🙂

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