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Absolute Shambles

I am at the end of my tether with regards to the level of incompentence that I have received from BT over a simple request back in July which has escalated to receiving a bill for £313.05.


To put this into context so I can speak to someone from complaints in the UK (the advisor on the last call refused to put me through despite the fact I had already spoken to complaints team on previous call a month before) please follow the below and can someone please get in touch with me as this has caused high levels of stress.


I took out an account with BT but cancelled it within less that 24 hours as I realised I needed to get an aerial installed. I called up an advisor who said it was no problem and they supposedly cancelled it off. I then opened up a new account (which I currently have) with the aerial installation and thought that was the end of that.


I then started getting through bills for the account that had supposedly closed so I called up to make sure this was closed to which the advisor said he would close it. This happened 6 times in which I was receiving bills and emails stating that I owed money on an account that I had closed. I then received a bill through the door for £313.05 about a month or so ago for the very account which the advisors had said they had closed. I called up to make sure it was closed again and spoke to complaints team member in the UK who apologised repeatedly (think his name was Sean) and arranged £30 credit for my account (the new account I reopened) as compensation for the incompetence encountered. 


Today I have recevied an email stating I need to pay the £313.05 or my credit rating with be affected. I spoke to an advisor again who said the bill had been whipped and he then sent me through emails saying that £293.37 has been refunded back to my account. 


What is going on? I thought this had all been resolved but there just seems to be no communication and it just seems an absolute shambles. 


Can someone please get in touch with me so I can get to the bottom of this as this is causing unwanted levels of stress and with the threat on my credit rating over an account that was never used and closed 2 months ago, I could really do with putting this to bed.


Thank you 

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Re: Absolute Shambles

I have asked a forum moderator to help you they will post their contact link here
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Re: Absolute Shambles

Hi @edwards85 Sorry about the reminders you are receiving. 


We'll be happy to help you with this if you send us your details. You can contact us by clicking on my user name and selecting contact the mods.


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