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Absolutely appalling service BT!!!!!!!!!

Moved over from sky to BT yesterday for phone line ; broadband; and TV .

Engineer came out and said he needs to fit a new phone line socket to replace the existing one... He got his tools out and drilled straight through the gas pipe!

I had to evacuate my wife who is 7 days overdue to give birth and my 4 year old son from the house into the rain. The engineer then left for me ring round to arrange a gas fitter to cone out.

The gas fitter had to rip all the plaster off my walls to fix the leak. I have had to have a plasterer out this morning to put the wall right again and this will now need repainting.

Now today when I'm trying to use the service my home hub 5 is rebooting all the time. I got home at 6 and am going to bed now 5 hours later and the hub has rebooted 7 times.

Also every time the hub loses connection I lose the internet channel in trying to watch.

Also when the hub finishes rebooting the youview box doesn't auto pick up that the broadband is back and I have to take the Ethernet cable out of the back of the box and put it back in for the box to register the internet again.

This is an absolute joke. Can anyone help me get things sorted.
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Re: Absolutely appalling service BT!!!!!!!!!

OK spoke to someone on the call center last night and he said he had changed a setting =/.


Touch wood the last 7 hours it hasnt restarted again so lets see how it goes. If i have anymore problems i'l update.

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Re: Absolutely appalling service BT!!!!!!!!!

OUCH! that defo deserves a complaint and compensation.i guess it was a contractor instead of a bt engineer.

i hope you took pictures of all the damage caused.

i would phone the complaints department and if it goes through to india i would stand your ground and insist you are transfered to Team 2 in the UK or hopefully one of the moderators on here can take up your case and forward you to the correct people to speak too.


talk about gas and air for the birth, you certainly didnt want this gas.


good luck with the birth 🙂


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Re: Absolutely appalling service BT!!!!!!!!!

Yeah i've spoken to an english lady who has taken all my details and passed it on to open reach who are suppoed to be getting back to me.


She has given me a reference number and her name for the complaint so we will see how it goes. 


Yeah i took a photo of the big hole in the wall where the gas fitter was working and the pipe. 

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