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Access Control for different days & OPENDNS

I like and use the access control feature on my HH4.


However it'd be miles better if I could set it differently for different days of the way.


Sun-Thurs kids have school the next day, so I want it unavailable for them after 8 at night.


Fri/Sat they can have it a bit later, maybe half 9/10.


This would mean every weekend I have to manually tweak each setting, or just turn it off.  Then remember to put back on.


It'd be far better if I could put the mac addresses into a wee collection then apply day/time settings to that collection.


Fair enough, I take the gadgets off the kids when its bedtime anyway. But it'd be nice to have automated controls (aren't that what computing devices are for anyway) which do it for me if they've snuck one upstairs.


Also do BT offer the equivalent of OpenDNS?  I've used that on my home network before but know that BT won't let me define the DNS servers the HH uses sadly.




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Re: Access Control for different days & OPENDNS

You would need to use a different router to do complex time settings.


As far as OpenDNS is concerned, BT do not use anything similar. If you use a different router, then you should be able to change the DNS settings to use OpenDNS Family Shield.


The other alternative is to disable DHCP on the home hub, and use your own DHCP server, where you can specify DNS servers.


One way to do this, and its the way I use, is to use a separate wireless access point, and enable DHCP on that.


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