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Re: Access To B.T. Sport (Rugby)

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Your “issue” is a temporary situation caused by the agreement from BT Sport to broadcast all games live whilst crowds are prohibited from grounds. Under the terms of BT’s rights agreement with the Gallagher  Premiership they normally only broadcast one game live at the same time, so the Extra Channels are not used. 

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Re: Access To B.T. Sport (Rugby)

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Thanks for the info. Interesting to see what happens after covid retires !
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Re: Access To B.T. Sport (Rugby)

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As  I understand it the term Apple TV refers to the 'appletv' box that BT have  indicated  will not be able to be used after

10th April.

So Yes currently I am able to 'mirror' using this device.

Am testing the use of airplay currently but so far have not succeeded...

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Re: Access To B.T. Sport (Rugby)

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Airplay is still allowed. When you say not succeeded, what do you mean? Do you see an error?
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Re: Access To B.T. Sport (Rugby)

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The use and misuse of terminology certainly adds to my confusion !

Am I correct in my assumption that the term Apple TV  is NOT actually a TV ?

Therefore when you write of Airplay and AppleTV you are speaking of the current situation which

will soon become impossible. ?

The solution I am trying to achieve is to watch the video's  (that are available on the BT app on my iphone 6S)

- on my LG (Smart) TV .

I am experiencing problems with the connection of Airplay (which is new to me) with my LG TV.

What I intend doing later to-day is to ask my teenage Grandson (who of course is more competent) to help

with this . What I am trying to do is alter my method of viewing these videos on my TV whilst using the 'Mirrored'

approach (appletv / HDMI connection ) to using the Airplay approach which I understand will give similar success and doesn't need mo. Once I achieve this I'll be a happy Old Fella !




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Re: Access To B.T. Sport (Rugby)

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Ah ok, that does add a little more confusion. Do you have an Apple TV device connected to your TV via an HDMI cable? Or are you trying to use the Airplay feature built into your TV?

Either way, launch the player on your phone and look for the Airplay icon at the top right corner of the video. If you see it, tap it and follow the prompts on screen.
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Re: Access To B.T. Sport (Rugby)

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Advice appreciated .... but

By using my teenage Grandson's nerdy ability we have achieved this  >>

1. Accessed BT Sport using iPhone6S on a mid. aged TV using AppleTV box and HDMI cable . (mirroring ?)    and

2.Accessed my Smart LG TV which has Airplay installed also using my iPhone but without the need of an Apple tv box


It feels that the two words Airplay and Mirroring live in the same domain (ie different ways to do the same thing)

Using BOTH of these methods results in receipt of the BT Message warning that this would not be available after 10th April......... So herein lies my original query.

AFTER APRIL will I be able to view the content of the BT app (which is installed on my iPhone) ON MY SMART TV  ?

If So ....   How ?

This is what I originally hoped to achieve into the future . Less naive friends tell me that it's really to do with encryption 

and of course protection to use by subscribers only...(understandable)      Will my (after April) hope ever be achieved or will I need to continue watching the BT app Rugby video's on my 6" iphone screen ?

ps I only continue these queries because many others must be interested even whilst currently admitting defeat !

To use the latest 'greeting' .... Stay Safe

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Re: Access To B.T. Sport (Rugby)

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If you're still seeing the message appear then you're following the wrong route.
You must use the controls IN the BT Sport app to start your Airplay session. Don't bring up the system menu on your device.
1. Launch the BT Sport app.
2. Play something - any video you like
3. When the video is playing, tap the screen to make sure all the controls appear.
4. In the top right corner over the video screen, you'll see the Airplay icon.  It looks like this: airplay.png

5. Tap that icon, and select your device from the on screen menu - both your Apple TV and your LG TV (with Airplay2) are supported.

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Re: Access To B.T. Sport (Rugby)

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Thanks for the valuable info Darren.

Although somewhat temperamental it did (does)  work as you advised.

I assume that this now a legitimate approved method for a subscriber to watch BT Sport

on a Smart TV or on a not so smart TV using appletv box.

Problem Solved...... simple when you know how !

Many thanks

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