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Access to MYBT to view data usage

Hi, has anyone managed to set up other sim users with the MYBT app to give them access to their own data usage.

I have done everything as to the advice from BT but all other sims on my account using the MYBT app are able to see bills, payments etc.

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Re: Access to MYBT to view data usage

Can't even see my own data on My BT. It brings up a (permanent) error message saying there is a fault.

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Re: Access to MYBT to view data usage

I ported three mobiles over from EE three weeks ago. Since then the web site has continually stated "As per our records there are no mobile products on this account" although it shows all three numbers under 'Usage' (along with the three temporary numbers issued during the changeover). 

The helpline has said twice that it is necessary to wait 72 hours for the web site to update. It's now had at least 336 hours to do so. 

Perhaps if BT thinks there are no mobiles on the account they won't expect me to pay for them. 

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Re: Access to MYBT to view data usage

Hi @Anonymous Have you followed the steps in this guide to set other sim users with a BT ID? 


@Edmund and @segillum I'll send you a private message in a moment so you can get in touch with the moderation team and we'll get those issues looked into. 

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