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Account not closed and bill not sorted



My nightmare is that I have trid contacting BT probably more than 10 times and everytime I get told that my account is closed, but I never get the final bill but keep receiving new bills.


My account was requested to be closed in december 2014 (moved to a different service provider)

BT closed my broadband and Line rental but had the BT Sports and BT Sports HD still open and kept takeng money from direct debit (we paid £66 over) 


finally when I realised this I contacted BT many many many times and explained various people this .... finally 1 managed to understand and said we will refund you £66 and close the account ...... so they refunded my account with £66 but the bill said I have to pay BT £34 so I will get a refund of £32 ....and my acocunt didn't get closed ...


frustrated .......


Contacted BT many many time and finally spoke to a sensible person who said they will calculate everything and refund me £59 pounds and close my account .... this was 27th July 2015 .... nothing received till now and no updates also ... from past 6 months or so I have tried closing my account and get a refund .... MY GOD ..... I feel like my life is all about sorting a BT BILL ......


can some one help?????????????????


I promise I will never be a BT customer in my life ... please help ...





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Re: Account not closed and bill not sorted

I have notified the moderators of the forum of your problem. They will post a contact link when they can. They are a group of BT troubleshooters located within the UK with a very high reputation of solving customer problems to a satisfactory level of the customer.

Please note that, after submitting your details to the mods through the contact link, they are taking about 3/5 days to respond to customer issues: since the mods receive many referrals, they respond to customer issues in order of receipt so that everything is dealt with fairly.
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Re: Account not closed and bill not sorted

Hi chiraju, 


Thanks for posting. 


I can certainly take a look at this and see why you keep getting bills. 


Can you send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile and I will take it from there.




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