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Account suspended & deleted? - could not login to save it due to login loop bug



My email account has disappeared. I get this illiterate message:


Your email was last used 05/04/2016 18:49:55. This mailbox is suspended and will be permanently deleted on 14/09/2016.unless you reactivate it in next days.


Coincidentally, on 14th September (i.e. yesterday) I tried to log in to send a test message to keep this account going - but I couldn't log in because I got stuck in an endless loop of login/password requests, which turned out to be a known bug. So I was unable to save this account, and presumably had I tried to save it months earlier I would still have been unable to do so because the bug has been there for so long.


I don't use this account for real emails any more but it's been used to set up other applications. I would really appreciate it if someone would reactivate this account - there's no 'reactivate account' in MyBT - this is what happened last year too, when the same problem happened.

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