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Achieving Remote Desktop over the Internet using BT Infinity

Hi, Does anyone know how I can remotely access my home laptop over the internet ? The idea is that I want to be able to access my home laptop over the Internet from my place of work. Obviously I need some remote desktop software on my home laptop and the device I am trying to access my laptop from ( in this case my work based laptop ) - this I have in place ( Teamviewer software ) Do I need to do anything special on the IP address side ? When my laptop is on BT infinity, I assume the IP assigned is dynamically assigned from a DHCP server ? However is this a public facing IP address, accessible across the internet or is it a private IP address behind an Infinity firewall ? Any advice greatly appreciated thanks, Jim
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Re: Achieving Remote Desktop over the Internet using BT Infinity

You would need to sign up to a DDNS provider like NO-IP or DynDNS, and configure that within the home hub manager.


That will give you a hostname which will always point to your home connection, as your public IP is dynamic.


You would then have to open the appropiate incoming ports on your home hub and PC.


You could use VNC, which is free, as a remote server. This uses port 5900 as default.

The VNC viewer is available on a number of platforms.


Not sure what ports Teamviewer uses.


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