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Activation Date has passed - No Landline or Broadband


I don't know if I'm just venting / yelling at clouds.  It's not been the best experience with BT.  Initially my own fault but here's the short and curlies of it...

In January, I received a mail-shot advertising a better, cheaper deal with Sky.  So I accepted.  But was then informed by BT of a fairly hefty cancellation fee so I changed my mind.  Informed Sky that I would no longer be transferring over to them.  And asked BT to ensure my services would not be disconnected / ceased which they assured me would not be.  

But then they were.  On the 1st of Feb we were disconnected and after numerous lengthy phone calls to BT (being passed from pillar to post, blind transferred, fobbed off with empty assurances and on some occasions hung up on) they eventually informed me that the line was ceased and I would have to set up a brand new account and be treated as if I was a new customer.  Okie dokie.  Pretty desperate for internet by this point so I accepted that it would take a further 2 weeks.  They sent the Smart Hub 2 and a 4G hybrid connect thing out.  The 4G isn't ideal but it's tied us over in the interim whilst I counted down the days and wished my life away for the activation date.

But the activation date was yesterday, the order tracking isn't very helpful and it just feels like BT don't really want to take any ownership and would rather act as if OpenReach are some entirely different entity rather than... well... BT.

I'm trying desperately to remain calm and pleasant with advisors (because I have worked in Customer Service myself) but the fact that they have so many specific departments... each with their own specific remit... and they'll just pass you over to someone else as soon as they can... leading to another 30 minutes on hold.  All whilst you're none the wiser as to what the problem even is and no closer to a resolution.   

TL;DR - I'm just staring at a pink light on the Smart Hub 2 waiting for it to turn blue even though I now have no idea if it ever will because the activation date has passed.  And I don't know what the problem is because 24 days ago... I had the exact same package working absolutely fine in my house.  I know it's probably not as straightforward as OpenReach flicking a switch but... surely the cables are already there?  Surely it's not that complicated?

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Re: Activation Date has passed - No Landline or Broadband

BT Retail and openreach although part of the BT Group are from a company point of view entirely separate entities - as decreed by OFCOM

you could be unlucky and you cabinet is full with a waiting list causing problems.  you can try entering your phone number but probably need to enter your address and post results

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Re: Activation Date has passed - No Landline or Broadband

Thanks.   Here's the results.  I can't see anything to suggest there's a waiting list but then again... I don't know what I'm looking at!

Test Result 1.png

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Re: Activation Date has passed - No Landline or Broadband

Latest developments since my initial post...

Spoke to BT on Tuesday evening and was told "there was a problem with your phone line but you will be up and running within two hours".  

That was a lie.  When I rang on Wednesday to say I'd still not been activated, I was informed the previous advisor should not have said that because the supplier has not even committed to the order yet.  But she would escalate my enquiry as a complaint and someone would contact me within the next 24 hours.

Two hours later... received an email saying "Your case is closed.  Glad we could help".  And, to my disbelief, the complaint tracker on My BT showed a resolution of "We have given you £20 compensation".  Great.  Yeah.  Fantastic.  But... umm... Where's my internet???

So I personally raised another complaint online and I have now received a text saying "there's a problem with the order so it's been cancelled.  Please call us on 27th to place a new order".

I'm not being funny but, at this point, I don't have a lot of faith in the idea of placing yet another order... waiting a further two weeks... and it actually working.  Especially since no one has even explained what "the problem" is.  And why do I have to wait two days before I can even place the re-order?  This has been an absolute nightmare.  

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Re: Activation Date has passed - No Landline or Broadband

Hi @Michael58 I'm really sorry to see your broadband order has been delayed and the complaint was closed without a resolution. I'll send you a private message so you can get in touch with the community moderators and we'll be happy to find out what's happening with the order.



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Re: Activation Date has passed - No Landline or Broadband

Thanks @NeilO - I've replied with the requested info and look forward to (hopefully) a bit more transparency than I've received thus far.

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