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Re: Activation day? Lies!

If complaining about the awful customer service I have received, the closed phonelines, the slow broadband, the disconnections, the faulty routers, the wrong bills, the failed call backs, etc makes me a crackpot, then yes you are right Im a crack pot.


I should just sit back on my hands, paying a premium sum of money for a faulty service, and be greatful for Im getting, is that what your saying?

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Re: Activation day? Lies!

My broadband drops out regular ,the problem started in nov 2010 and i am now waiting for my 3rd engineer visit ..yesterday for 6 hours the router reset itself 12 times an hour, once every five minutes as the guy is trying to explain to you after a while mr cool turns into mr MAD ....every time you phone up its like talking to a robot they read from cards or autocues to get so brainwashed ............ive unplug my broadband ,reset it ,switched it off that many times when i walk in the room it shouts daddy where have you been the end i complained and guess what you cant complain till the matters solved ?DER .......i would like to know if the call centre staff are trained or are they brainwashed medically just to be able to repeat the same s----over and over ...................

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Re: Activation day? Lies!

The help lines run from flow charts as do all other isps call centres and resetting your hub many times will certainly cause you speed issues you need to post your full hub stats and run a bt speedtest this will enable others here to start to offer you help with your problems
the following information explains how to get the hub stats and run the bt speedtest

For homehub – type into your browser
Navigate to ADSL Settings or use the A-Z at the top right of the home page and scroll down to ADSL Settings and click on it
Click on More Details and then post the full results.

And post the full results from

then someone may be able to help and offer more advice.
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