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Activation day; very slow upload

Firsttime posting here.

Today is my activation day. So I connected the BT HUB and connected all my devices to it. That's perfect. 

However, my upload is not as advertised, instead its 16 times slower then advertised by BT.

I assume this will just require time for everything to set up, right? I'm not sure, so I'm hoping someone will be able to shed some light on this. 


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Re: Activation day; very slow upload

do you have FTTP or FTTC?

does your phone have a dial tone

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Re: Activation day; very slow upload

We have  FTTC.

And yes we have a dail tone. 

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Re: Activation day; very slow upload

Could you post a screenshot of the hub connection stats from Advanced settings/technical log/information.

What was the guaranteed speeds in the confirmation email?

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Re: Activation day; very slow upload


The speed we're supposed to be getting is; 55mb/s to 73 mb/s for download & 17mb/s to 18mb/s for upload. 

What I've noticed from the data rate is that the hub does in fact receive the advertised uploaded, it just looks like the single from the Hub to the various devices around the home are weakned somehow. Also after changing the channels from the default ones, nothing changed.

With our previous ISP, we had no issues with the signal around the house. The BT Smart Hub 2 is in the exact same location. 

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