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Activation sim problems

Help please, Firstly I made a big mistake by taking sim plans under the 'more than one person on the household plans' has caused so much bother, I took a sim for myself then then my wife signed up.

Because BT put both phones under my account my wifes phone is not really hers and everything is related to my account and password. This could be part of the following problem.


Two Mob numbers with BT on consecetive numbers. One phone (mine is Good)


The second one works OK in all respects for tepehone, text etc but if an attempt to open any BT app eg'Mobile App' is made a message informs that the sim is lost, stolen or not activated. In other words Apps cannot be used on that phone.


Looking online (PC) at my account at the suspect phone. under the heading 'My Phone & Sim' it says that the phone number is currently unavailable and the IMEI number is unavailable.


How can the phone be otherwise OK if the sim is not activated?


Live Chat told me to delete the Apps and reinstall but that made no difference.


Thank you for looking

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