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Re: Actual Browsing/Download Speed at 10% of Speed Test (Losing 90% speed)

@F9A wrote:

I must admit, I can't remember the speed, somewhere in the region of 50Mbps so was pretty quick (this was about 5 years ago).


Can I ask, what speed should I be seeing when I download? I'm sure that the speeds I used to get with Sky were the same speeds I'm seeing now - I'm currently getting about 4MB/s download speed - which is fine, such as it is...I guess what I'm not understanding is that with my old speed (3.5Mbps), I was getting 350 kb/s download speed, which was insanely slow (and bear in mind that with Sky I was getting 3.5Mb/s download speed on a normal ADSL connection).


It makes sense that now that my broadband speed is ten times faster, that my download speed should also be ten times faster...but as the 350kb/s download speed was ridiculous, I would have expected to see a download speed of much more than ten times faster...about 35MB/s really - is this not how it works?

35MB/s is 35 mega bytes per second i.e. capital B for bytes  so it would be a bit over 100 times faster than 350kbps or 0.35Mbps (lowercase b for bits).


Your 37Mbps connection could download at up to around 3.7MB/s but as others have said it depends on lots of factors like where the host is, how fast their connection is and how many people are downloading file among others.


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Re: Actual Browsing/Download Speed at 10% of Speed Test (Losing 90% speed)

@murph wrote:

Allowing for the overhead dividing by 10 would be nearer the mark when converting from bits to bytes when dealing with tcp traffic surely?

That gives 0.35MB/s for a 3.5mbps connection which is exatly what the op had.

dividing by 8 give max speed so speed just below that is good and maintains the 8 bits to a byte - dividing by 10 does allow for overheads

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