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Adam and Jane from the BT TV ads - what will happen next?

Hi everyone


We don't know about you but we're completely hooked on the Adam and Jane story in the BT TV ads. The buzz on the next ad is that the next one is due to launch on TV this Saturday but it’s going to be a bit different from the normal ads. 


Some of the folk in the marketing team tell us there’ll be a twist at the end and then you’ll get to have your say on what happens next in Adam and Jane's story. When we heard the news, we thought it'd be pretty cool to open it out to our community!


So, what do you think? We want to know your views on what should happen next! Watch out for subsequent threads with info on where you can cast your vote but in the meantime do you think it'll be a happy ending?  Remember to keep it friendly!



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Re: Adam and Jane from the BT TV ads - what will happen next?

I can’t be alone in thinking Jane is a money grabbing witch who has pretty much stuffed Adams life up for the past 5 or so years.


First off she moves her brood of noisy obnoxious kids into Adams house and make him act like their real father (all done far too quickly). He take them out and pay for trips to the cinema and other thing their real Dad (who must be pretty well paid as he’s always busy) should be doing, then after all that she makes him move out (no doubt he’s still paying the mortgage for the house) for a trial separation – confusing the poor guy. Meanwhile her teenage kids are having wild raves at Adam house - eating and drinking all of Adams food and drink no doubt. Next few ads are confusing one minute Adams looking for the best takeaway in his non-descript middle class London suburb, next Jane’s back on the scene and they appear to getting married – Jane’s obviously trying to keep it a secret as it’s her daughter that spills the beans to her Dad.


Basically to me this plot revolves around an IT nerd (Adam) who has focused all his effort on his career and not of finding a nice girlfriend. Realising that he’s unlikely to have had a girlfriend before and he has a well paid IT job Jane (an evil old gold digger) spots her chances and gets her teeth stuck into him. She then plays him like a fool laughing at his attempts with other women and nagging him silly, and finally robbing him of his independence. Poor Adam.  


I think what should happen is Jane should push off with her kids and leave Adam alone. She’s had it too easy living off poor old Adam, and it (the ads) should end there. Maybe Adam could get a new girlfriend  - one a bit younger with no kids and no strings attached. Perhaps another fellow middle class career minded girl for a generic London suburb.  Alternatively you could (if you could get them) get the cast of My Family all involved and have a ‘comedy’ style ending – reminiscent of the Clio ads with Nicole and Papa and Vic and Bob.

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Re: Adam and Jane from the BT TV ads - what will happen next?

I've loved the Adam and Jane ads, they've intrigued me from the very beginning and have a better story line than a lot of 'soaps'!

Whatever does happen, I really hope they stay together and there is a happy ending - romantic fool, aren't I?

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Re: Adam and Jane from the BT TV ads - what will happen next?

They will have their best friends around for coffee (Maxwell House). Jane will tell Adam about Tom (Spooks) and he will be whisked away by MI5 and they will all end in My Family The Movie (The Older Generation) with special discounts for BT customers on Strawberry Sundays.

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Re: Adam and Jane from the BT TV ads - what will happen next?

The past few years has just been a very long, albeit highly detailed, dream. Both Jane and Adam wake up having no clue that the other person exists .... until Adam ploughs into the back of Jane's brand new black Porsche 911 Turbo S4. Adam is riding a bike, and wearing pig-ugly helmet -- for the benefit of safety freaks. IMO, they should never a couple; chalk and cheese.

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Adam and Jane

Is Beatty, Maureen Lipman,  going to be discussing presents on the phone or  at the wedding saying that she knew the 'ology exam he passed many years ago would help him.

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Re: Adam and Jane from the BT TV ads - what will happen next?

Adam and Jane change to the new BT browser and find it's as rubbish as we're finding it. Constant losses of connection. Driven by the resulting frustration; Adam throws his laptop through the window and Jane batters the home-hub before deep-frying it with a spare Mars bar.

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Re: Adam and Jane

Yes like it x

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Re: Adam and Jane from the BT TV ads - what will happen next?

Dump the moron Jane - go back to hubby.

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Re: Adam and Jane from the BT TV ads - what will happen next?

Its a bit of an OXO copy.  That ran for twenty years.


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