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Adding a Mail Account on the IPhone

Can any-one help? I am fed up with calling BT!


I migrated onto BT Mail a few days ago and my mail account stopped working on my iphone.  So I deleted the account and set up a new one with my new password but it will not accept it.


I decided to try adding it again under my old password and it added the account?!! It is showing my incoming emails but however will not send anything.


So in short ........

Web mail works with my new password not the old one

Laptop works with my new password not the old one

Iphone mail account only accepts my old password and not my new one (apart from outgoing mail)


I am logged in on my laptop as we speak with my new password and can see my emails and at the same time I have my mail account open on my iphone with the old password and can see exactly the same as on my computer.


I have just deleted a email on my iphone and it has shown as deleted on my laptop even though they are both logged in under different passwords.


I do need to send emails from my mobile too which is the only reason I am bothering to try and sort this out 😞


Thank you







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Re: Adding a Mail Account on the IPhone

I have now added my old password tothe outgoing mail server and I can send emails from my iphone mail account!


My mail account on the Iphone connects with my laptop account but they are both logged in on different passwords! how can this happen?


Thank you

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