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Address not showing on Fibre?



I wondered if anyone could help? I'm currently with Virgin and looking to move over to BT. My address doesn't show on the website and it's saying I can only get standard bb. However my neighbours all show as superfast?

I've read a few suggestions of getting a phoneline fitted then upgrading? However, I was hoping to take advantage of some of the excellent online offers which offer free phoneline fitting. Plus I don't want to be stuck with the slow BB as I need fibre.

Any ideas how to proceed?





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Re: Address not showing on Fibre?

It possible that there is no physical Openreach infrastructure into your house, so I suspect that you have no option but to order a phone line first.

Has there ever been an Openreach line installed, for any provider?

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Re: Address not showing on Fibre?

Hi @Baileyuk,

What @Keith_Beddoe has said is correct. If your address hasn't had active service over the Openreach network, then its likely there is no physical Openreach infrastructure into your house. The only way to know for sure what service would be available would be once the phone line has gone active.



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Re: Address not showing on Fibre?

Thanks for the reply guys. So if I sign up to a phone and broadband package how likely is that I will be stuck with slow broadband rather than fibre? Given that my neighbors get fibre.
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Re: Address not showing on Fibre?

Put your address in the checker here to see what is available. It is virtually certain you will be able to get FTTC unless the cabinet is full with no spare ports.

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Re: Address not showing on Fibre?

Thank you. I called up and spoke to By they advised my property for likely get fibre as the neighbors do. However there was currently no free ports!
Looks like I'm stuck with Virgin.
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Re: Address not showing on Fibre?

I cannot see how BT could say that, as you do not actually have any routing yet.

What does the address and postcode checker say, as asked by @licquorice


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Re: Address not showing on Fibre?

Address checker says:Address had been successfully matched but can not determine ADSL try the t/p or postcode checker.

Postcode checker says
WBC adsl 2+ downstream up to 13 available
ADSL max downstream Up to 6.5 available
WBC fixed Rate downstream 2 available
Fixed rate downstream 2 available
Postcode checks will not Return any result for fibre.

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Re: Address not showing on Fibre?

Well you do have the option of ordering a phone line and ADSL2+ with up to 13Mbs first, the upgrading to FTTC once a port becomes available, if that is the problem.

Or you could just order a phone line to start with, then order FTTC once its available. Meanwhile you could still use your Virgin broadband.

Once the phone line is active, you will be able to see which cabinet you are connected to, and what broadband options are available.


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Re: Address not showing on Fibre?

Ok, thanks for helping me out.
I'm not used to this as been with Virgin for years.
It seems like quite an outdated system.
I'll think on my options. Thanks again.
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