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Adverts on YouView on demand

Just upgraded from a BT Vision Box to a BT Youview box following information from BT that the Vision Box would soon not work with iPlayer etc.


On the BT Vision box we had no adverts on 4OD or ITV player and this was one of the main reasons I paid my BT TV subscription. Now it seems you cannot avoid adverts on 4 OD or ITV player on YouView even with a BT TV subscription.  Am I correct or am I missing something? If we cannot skip these ads I may as well cancel the BT TV contract and get a Roku box or Firestick; will still get ads I know but at least I won't be paying a subscription!


Someone please tell me I am wrong and there is a way of skipping the ads on YouView with a BT TV subscription....!

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Re: Adverts on YouView on demand

The on demand players are part of the YouView platform, and it does not matter if you have a BT Vision subscription or not, you will still get the adverts.

The only advantage of having a subscription, is that broadband usage is not counted against your allowance.


If you have just upgraded, you will be tied to a 12 month contract anyway, so there is not much you can do about it until your BT Vision contract ends. Early termination would result in you being charged for the YouView box.





There are several ways to access All 4 programmes on YouView.  To launch the All 4 app, press the YouView button on the remote control, and navigate to On-Demand > Players and select All 4.

To find catch-up programmes from the last seven days, press the Guide button on the remote control and browse past programmes by date on the relevant channel. Available on-demand programmes are indicated by a Play > icon.

YouView also allows you to browse on-demand content by genre. Press the YouView button on the remote control, and navigate to On-Demand > TV. Then select the genre you want to watch.

You can also search for All 4 programmes by name. Press the YouView button on the remote control, and navigate to Search.



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