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Advice Needed - Second line

I’m moving back into my parents property soon and living in a renovated summerhouse about 20m outside the main property where they have Sky in place currently. Obviously this provides issues as the signal out there is non existent and it would be a nightmare to get an ethernet all the way out.

Am I correct in assuming I could take out a package with BT and they’d install a new line considering the current phoneline is taken up or would they be able to split off the current line? (Also rough idea on prices involved)


Are there any other sensible alternatives? Sky have offered us this new booster but I doubt it’ll keep the speed decent out there.

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Re: Advice Needed - Second line


Also I just ran through the order online, outlining I’m aware a line is in place but the need for a second one and no cost for it is showing under connection charges? Is this correct?

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Re: Advice Needed - Second line

You can order a new line from whatever provider you wish, it will be totally independent of the existing line.

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Re: Advice Needed - Second line

The difficulty you might have is getting the line provided to the summerhouse rather than the main house as it doesn't have its own address.

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Re: Advice Needed - Second line

Make sure its a new additional line, and not a takeover of the existing one, as that could result in loss of  Sky service, this happens quite often.

If its to a summerhouse, then you may find that Openreach will only install the additional line to the house, and you will have to run an external extension yourself.

If you have ordered both phone and broadband together, then the installation cost is often waived.

You will need to proceed with care, to avoid the line takeover situation. If that starts to happen, then in theory your parents would get notification from Sky, that someone wants to takeover their line. That would be a warning sign that the order that you placed had gone wrong.

The other option of course, would be to run a long Ethernet cable from the existing connection, but that would be out of the scope of this forum, and you would have to ask on the Sky user forum for advice.

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Re: Advice Needed - Second line

That should be fine as it’s considered an extension of the address (It’s basically a four car garage that’s been converted into a living space now)


I’ll look at taking out the package with BT then and get a second line put in. Any idea on the cost of this because nothing’s showing when I get the order through to the checkout stage online?

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Re: Advice Needed - Second line

Brilliant info Keith! No worries on that front. Through the checkout process you can easily state that you’re aware of the current line and that you require a new one.


also good news if I do have the cost waived if I get a phone package with it

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Re: Advice Needed - Second line

If you are a new customer of BT, you may be asked to pay a deposit, which is refundable once a few bills have been paid (I think).

Apart from that, there will be initial advance charges and postage for the home hub, which will appear on your first bill.

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