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Advice for BT Email customers who use clients to access their email?

If you're going to regularly use an email client to access your BT Email, we'd recommend using IMAP with SSL enabled.

  • SSL ensures that all data exchanged between your email client and the BT email server is encrypted making it almost impossible for anyone to steal your username or password
  • IMAP always syncs with the BT email server, so any changes you make in your email program will also appear in your webmail inbox
  • POP3 doesn’t sync with the BT email server so changes you make in your email program will not be transferred to your webmail inbox and could be lost

 To protect our email server from abuse by spammers, we also require all emails sent through our email service to have SMTP authentication.

  • SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is an authentication process that identifies the origin of emails; it stops them being sent anonymously and therefore helps to combat spam

Enabling SMTP authentication is easy; you usually switch it on by ticking a box called "My server requires authentication" in your email program's settings. If you don't set up SMTP authentication, you'll get an error 530 failure message when trying to send email messages.

You also need to ensure you’re using the correct settings. For for more information on our correct setting please check out this link, IMAP, POP3 and SMTP settings.

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