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Advice needed

I have always found these forums extremely useful so here goes.


I have just bought a new state of the art 4K television and am contimplating buying a TV package from BT


I have read various reviews always conflicting with technical information some say you can some say you can't so a few questions.


1. The television is a Samsung UE49KS 9000. My set up is a HH3 (which I never have issues with) upstairs on a dedicated phone line. I currently get 57/16Mbs. This is situated upstairs. I have a Wi-Fi Home Hotspot 500 downstairs with two ethernet ports which I have tested and get the full 57/16Mbs.  


2. One review said that in order to get full HD 4K I need to be wired directly to my router others say powerline technology works fine. The Hotspot delivers great direct to the television with no buffering so far on any players and You Tube so will this do for BT TV?


3. Do I need to take the HH5? Reviews so far have not impressed me and my HH3 works very well (I like an easy life).


4. In order to get the HD record technology you have to take the full package which has many channels I doubt I would watch. Is there an alternative to this like a commercial recorder for HD/4K television and just taking Netflix and BT Sport?


5. I like the TV interface I have is it possible to have the TV and the BT boxes on seperate ethernet connections or is it better to take the inetrnet based services like You Tube and browsing form the BT Box?


A lot to answer and I guess the final question is the service worth the money? 


Many Thanks

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Re: Advice needed

I'll do the best I can.  Others may chip in with their own experiences.


1.  Should work.  Check the HDMI compatibility with the UHD YouView box.  Some 4K TVs turn out not to support the same HDMI version as the box.


2. It's all down to the powerline adaptors, and the condition and layout of your home wiring.  Which means it's anyone's guess how well it will work.  Your powerline adaptors need to be compatible with multicast for BT TV to work.


3.  It shouldn't matter.  My (second-hand) Hub5 works fine.  The new Hub 6 "Smart Hub" is just out, and as a result is still flaky and unreliable for some people.  They may fix that in time with firmware updates.


4.  BT TV in 4K is only supported on BT's own Ultra-HD YouView boxes.  And you have to take out a package they offer.  These boxes cost more than normal ones, so they expect you subscribe to a bundle package in return.


5.  There's no harm in connecting both the box and the TV.  You may get away with sharing the powerline adaptor connection if you're only using one at a time, but that may cause problems if you're also recording something.  Or not - nobody can tell until you try it.


For me, no.  I wouldn't pay that much.  But then I un-subscribed from BT Sport when it was still free - so that's how much I want to spend on it.

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