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Advice on how to best reset a 6 disc whole home system?


I have a 6 disc whole home wi-fi system. The discs are about just over 2 years old, and are now the mid-range in the current product line up (AC2600). I use them with a Sky broadband router. 

I am very happy with the technology and stability, but recently I needed to reset my broadband and I decided to reset the wireless as well.

The broadband came up quickly but the wi-fi discs sat with a flashing blue light for over an hour and the wireless did not come back online (queue traumatised 20 year old student son).

We have about 35 wireless devices in the house so I switched as many off as I could, thinking that maybe all the devices trying to join might flood the network, and reset the discs again and still no luck.

In the end, I switched all the discs off and then switched on the core three (those closest to each other including the one attached to the router) and they came up and stabilised quite quickly (I did not time it) and then  the other discs joined without a problem when I switched them on.

So, after that long explanation - is what I did in the end the best way to bring up a large mesh?


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