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After 15 years with btinternet I've given up - and here's why...

I've had my email address for approx 16 years. And it's been fine, until the last 18 months or so.


Problems began with logging in on the webmail, messages being received telling me I had tried to log in too many times and it wouldn't allow me in (even though I'd only tried to log in once).


Then receiving email via pop stopped without warning.  And last week email via imap has stopped without warning too.


A too-high spam filter at the server end also meant that I wasn't receiving email that people had told me they had sent to me. Using a different email address ensured I received their emails.


As of this week I have cut loose from btinternet. I rely on it for my business and can not afford to continue to use such a shoddy service. Calls to India for support and help have been fruitless. In one incidence, I was told "lady, you are hitting the back and back and back button, stop it!" when I explained that after trying to log in to webmail only once I was receiving a message to say I had tried to log in too many times.


So bye-bye, btinternet. I'd like to say it's been a pleasure. And mostly it has. But not any more. I've had enough.

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Re: After 15 years with btinternet I've given up - and here's why...

You do not need to move Internet provider in order to get a good email system.


If you rely on email for your business you should not depend on a residential email system no matter which Internet provider you decide to go with. You would be far better getting your own domain with email. This only costs a few pounds and will have a far better SLA (Service Level Agreement) than any residential or free email system will offer.


Depending on what sort of domain package you get you would be able to get an email address that is relevant to your business name as well as a private one for your personal use.


You also have the added bonus that your email address is not tied to any Internet provider which will make it easier to move providers when ever you want without having to consider loosing your email address.