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Aggrieved customer - poor BT attitudes

I have been with BT for quite some time now and am currently out of contract. After joining BT, I joined BT-Fon thinking that I will be able to access hotspots out and about on my phone/laptop but this has never happened!! I contacted BT customer services on various occasions asking why I cannot connect. They reset my password, talked me through different tests, asking me to change this and that but to date I have still not been able to connect to any BT WiFi or BT Openzone hotspots which is extremely annoying. They even told me on one occasion that he hotspot must be down, even though I was standing beside it (according to the BT WiFi app on my phone!)....I've given up!!  


Also, over the past few months, a new provider has become available in my area and they have been throwing offers at me to move from BT, however, I have since tried calling BT to see whether they have any offers available for "existing customers" because there always seems to be great offers for "new customers". There answer was..."We don't offer existing customers any deals"...mind you, they did offer me a £0.35p discount per month!!


There are various promotions enticing new customers with half price this, free that but nothing for existing customers...why? My contract ended in December and nobody has called to ask, "how have you found us" or "would you like to change anything" or even, "would you like to stay?".


Why do they treat good honest people who have shown commitment over the years like a piece of dirt? Do they think we will just stay with BT and not look elsewhere? The way the economy is, BT should be offering incentives to keep customers, not chase them away!!


I am still waiting for an answer from previous calls around my WiFi issue and just today I was more or less told that they can't offer me anything new so just go to your other time with BT seems to have reached it's end! One disgruntled customer.

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Re: Aggrieved customer - poor BT attitudes

Could not agree more. But it won't change a damned thing. The only way to vote is with your feet unfortunately. BT has always been a large faceless corporation with no interest in customer service or satisfaction. The bottom dollar is be all and end all. Same goes for most large companies (banks etc).

The problem is even though we have companies like Sky and Virgin we are still playing the same game.

Personally I think BT and it's ilk should be broken up into regional companies (bet that would ruffle their feathers!).
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Re: Aggrieved customer - poor BT attitudes

I agree, and without trying to sound the least bit xenophobic, in fact my partner is from asia, when I call their customer support line and have someone who is in a different country, who, while polite, hasn't got anywhere near the level of competence or understanding of issues that they should, try to troubleshoot my issue with a script, it is very frustrating.


I'm only a BT customer for a month and my expectation is a fast and trouble free broadband service - my expectations have not been met.


I am dissapointed. 


Tonight I was trying to download a large (8GB) file for software development that I wished to do, and my download speed is disgraceful.


One unhappy customer.



I work in a company as a relationship manager and I can tell you if we were to demonstrate the same level of customer relations that BT have demonstrated with me, we would lose business. We also have our Customer support based in London. Yes it costs more, but the value our clients get far out weighs the cost.



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